Crowd Funding Campaign for ‘Get Schooled’ Opens

S.O.S. Gamers has launched a crowd-funding campaign for Get Schooled, an initiative that supplies underprivileged schools and community centers in the New York City area with access to educational technology including computers, calculators, and recreational items such as video game consoles and games. These items will help educators and instructors perform their duties with greater ease and efficiency, and provide children with the tools they need to enjoy improved success in their academic pursuits as well as increase the enjoyment of recreational activities during and after school.

S.O.S. Gamers says that the funds they are seeking – $5,000 – will be used to outfit the Campos Plaza Community Center (in Manhattan's Lower East Side) with a minimum of 30 electronic tablet devices to be used for educational and recreational purposes under supervision and will be made available to all the children who visit the center. The group also has plans to conduct regular gaming activities and events that will take advantage of these tablets. Campos Plaza is a public housing development that houses approximately 493 lower income families.

You can learn more about the great work that S.O.S. Gamers does by visiting The founder of the group, Kwabena Ampofo, is also the president of the ECA's New York City Chapter.

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