Texas Tech Coach to Players: Lay Off The Video Games

A mildly amusing story on My San Antonio details how the new head coach for the Texas Tech Football program is preparing players coming back from Spring break to get ready for training camps this summer. A tweet from Texas Tech offensive lineman Alfredo Morales offers a picture of a note from the new coach Kliff Kingsbury which details his advice to returning players:

"We advise you to be active over the break as you will need to be ready to work once June rolls around. Sitting at the house playing COD/2K13/Madden against 12 year olds online doesn’t suffice as activity even if you claim to ‘wreck shop’." He signed off with the hashtags #Boom, #ComeAtMe and #Wreckem.

We assume his comments about playing video games is a light-hearted joke, though we agree that beating up 12-year-olds online is not the best way to prepare for a vigorous season of football… Still, it's pretty funny.

Source: My San Antonio

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    Neo_DrKefka says:

    Most people who are offended or don't get this type of behavior never worked on or in a Football team except maybe when they were four years old play "touch" football. 

    It's common for a coach to make requests like this. In fact most coaches around tense times ask men to refrain from their girlfriends or fooling around during a big game or a short break so they do not mess up the teams mojo.

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