Redbox Gets Some Competition From Gamer Spot Shop

Signifi Solutions has launched a new video game vending kiosk called the 'Gamer Spot Shop' that allows consumers to rent and purchase video games, going head-to-head with other companies that provide similar services such as Redbox.

Signifi says that most retailers spend a lot of resources to sell video games, but with its kiosk solution retailers can automate the process, have better control over inventory and reduce manpower.

“If traditional retailers are going to compete with on-line retailers, they have to rethink their business model," said Shamira Jaffer, CEO of Signifi Solutions. "Key strategies must include decreasing costs, empowering customers and reducing dependence on staff."

The Gamer Spot Shop kiosk features an "intuitive" touch screen that lets consumers flip through available titles, search for new games or find old favorites. Customers can also pre-pay and reserve titles online, guaranteeing priority pick-up at the Gamer Spot Shop for new game releases.

Signifi offers a variety of automated retail kiosks including the "Solo Spot Shop," the "Hero Spot Shop," and the "Valet Spot Shop." The Gamer Spot Shop is the first kiosk from Signifi that is specific to a particular type of product; the other models can be used for different types of products including everything from the mundane to luxury items. The Gamer Stop Shop is based on the company's DVD and Games Spot Shop.

You can learn more about the Gamer Spot Shop in this brochure (PDF).


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