Washington Teen Who Shot Parents Over Video Games May Be Tried as an Adult

Back in March we told you about Moses Lake, Washington teen Nathon Brooks, the 14-year-old charged with attempted murder for shooting his parents with a .22 caliber pistol while they were sleeping because they took away his video games (see this story for more details). Today the Columbia Basin Herald is reporting that Grant County prosecutors and the teen's defense attorney have asked the court for more time to determine if the 14-year-old can legally be tried as an adult.

Both sides need the additional time to consult with experts on the case. The next hearing will be on June 3. Meanwhile, Brooks is being held at a local juvenile detention center. The court has allowed the parents to visit their son, but they are not allowed to discuss the case and must be under supervision during visitation.

Source: Columbia Basin Herald


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  1. 0
    hellfire7885 says:

    Well if certain people didn't get media attention by saying things like "video games made them do it" this kid may not have gotten the idea.

  2. 0
    GrimCW says:

    He needs to be tried as a lunatic.. I'm not normally one for the insanity defense, but everything about this kid i've read shows he was not stable, and the game had nothing to do with it.

  3. 0
    bluelightrevival says:

    So he cant consent to sex but can be tried as an adult. I love how we justify that. The law says a 14 year old is to incompetent to make there own decisions but now they flip that around. Treat them like adults all the time or not but dont pick and choose when it suits you.

    Also he must likely did not try and kill them over a video game thats just what he said. When you look at his home life it does not look good for the parents.

  4. 0
    kurifu says:

    When you put a child in adult detention, you are more or less guaranteed a life time of criminal behavior and squander an opportunity to both reduce crime and make a productive member of society.

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