Ubisoft Working with Kaspersky Lab to Make Watch Dogs’ Hacking Realistic

At a recent Ubisoft press event to promote its upcoming game Watch Dogs, senior producer Dominic Guay revealed how the company is working hard to make the hacking in the game as authentic as humanly possible. Joystiq covered the press event extensively in this article.

Watch Dogs is a future-leaning open word action game where one man hacks an integrated computer system (through his cell phone) that controls just about everything in the city of Chicago. In the game the city is controlled by "ctOS" or central operating system — a matrix of interconnected computers that players can hack into, but to make that hacking authentic the makers of the game have turned to a real security firm.

"We're working with Kaspersky Lab, a big security firm," Guay noted during the San Francisco press event to promote the game. "They have really hardcore experts there on hacking. We send them some of our designs and we ask them feedback on it, and it's interesting to see what gets back."

Ubisoft hopes that by relying on Kaspersky Lab's expertise it will avoid the kind of hacking seen in Hollywood movies – which is usually unrealistic and over-the-top. Because hacking is such an integral part of the gameplay and the story it makes sense that authenticity is a priority.

You can learn more about other aspects of the game on Joystiq.

Watch Dogs is set for release later this year.


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    DorthLous says:

    -We built a DRM that will prevent any pirate from hacking (man, please start using cracking) our game, and it will never harm an innocent

    -We need external help to make hacking (urgh) as realistic as possible in our game (?) because it's too fake in Hollywood.


    What the..?

  2. 0
    Longjocks says:

    They're worried about authenticity in hacking with this kind of game, but they throw it away with other IP such as Tom Clancy games. I'll just sit here and continue to scratch my head.

    …Well, I guess they are using the word 'authenticity' which can be broadly defined to describe some elements of franchises like Ghost Recon. So, I guess it makes sense. But that's kind of a problem with the way that word is thrown about these days. It's kinda lost its meaning.

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    Papa Midnight says:

    With regards to the announced PC version, I'm watching Ubisoft very closely on this one. I've had a disdain for their brand (and over-the-top DRM) for some time now which has resulted in me avoiding the purchase of their games. Perhaps, if this goes well, I'll give them another look. For the time being, however, I am heavily scrutinizing their stance towards the PC gaming market.

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