WWE’s Kane Hates the Marketplace Fairness Act

Here's something you may not know: Glenn Jacobs, the man who plays the "Big Red Monster" Kane character on World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and a co-holder of the WWE World Tag Team Championships, is also the co-founder of the conservative group, The Tennessee Liberty Alliance.

You may also be unaware that Jacobs thinks that Republicans in the Senate have betrayed their core beliefs in voting for the Marketplace Fairness Act earlier this week. In an editorial penned over at Conservative website The Daily Caller ("Senate Republicans dropped the ball on the Internet tax mandate"), Jacobs begins by saying that Republicans in the Senate who voted for this bill are arguing (falsely) that it is not a tax increase:

Republicans who favor an Internet sales tax claim that, since “use tax” laws — which require residents to pay sales tax on goods that they buy out of state — are already on the books, this is not a new tax. While this might technically be true, the fact is that most people are ignorant about use taxes or simply ignore them, and these taxes are rarely enforced.

But people like Grover Norquist and his conservative anti-taxation group Americans for Tax Reform disagree. ATR has said that Republicans who have voted for this bill and have made a pledge not to raise taxes have broken that pledge.

Jacobs thinks these new taxes will hurt the middle class more than anyone else in the long run:

It’s also the last thing that the American middle class needs. Whether this is a new tax or not is really beside the point. If the Marketplace Fairness Act becomes law, it will be the first time that the real impact of this tax will be felt. Millions of Americans will see a rise in the cost of their Internet purchases. Because sales taxes are regressive, the middle class will feel the weight of the additional cost most heavily. With so many folks struggling to make ends meet, why burden them with yet another tax?

Finally, says that Republicans in the Senate cannot square their views on "less government spending" and "cutting taxes" by supporting this bill.

Republicans claim that the best way to stimulate the economy is to cut taxes and government spending, and let the market work its magic. Those Republican senators who voted in favor of the Marketplace Fairness Act voted against the free market and failed to live up to their limited-government rhetoric.

You can read the whole editorial here. Also of interest is this CNET article which points out that anyone who sells digital goods will now have to collect sales tax. This means that taxes will have to be collected on just about everything you buy online including music, books, movies, and video games.

Source: The Daily Caller

(Image via Kane's Facebook Page.)

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