Dylan Cuthbert: Wii U Needs a Super IP

In an interview with Siliconera, Q-Games President Dylan Cuthbert says that Nintendo needs to create a new "super IP" to put the Wii U on the map once again, just like it did with the Wii (for example, Wii Sports, Wii Fit, etc.)

"If they are going to win they are going to have to figure out the games," Cuthbert told the publication. "They probably need like new super IP, a special IP that makes people really interested."

He goes on to say that he has faith that Nintendo will accomplish this in due time.

"But they always come up with something. They are always very innovative," said Cuthbert. "Even with the DS when it first came out people said that's not very good and it's not going to do very well, but it sold hundreds of millions and had lots of innovative titles. I think they will find something that will sell a lot. Who would have known Wii Fit would have sold like 15 million units?"

When asked about better prospects for Xbox devices in Japan, Cuthbert did not seem all that optimistic. He said that the number of people in his office who play the Xbox or Kinect is small.

"I think it's very difficult," said Cuthbert. "There are a few people in the office at Q-Games who are Japanese that do play on the Xbox 360 and play on the Kinect, as well. But, I think it's quite small, the market there."

"I think they need to reinvent themselves a bit," he added. "Their image is too corporate and big. They aren't geared towards aesthetics and art and I think that's a big problem. I think Sony is more in that direction. Nintendo is cute and has their own style, which is fine as well. It's great for the younger market in Japan. I think that kind of outlook makes a big difference to the games you select and games that you sell."

You can read the entire interview with the PixelJunk series creator here.

Source: Videogamer

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