Nintendo of Japan Patches Out Same-Sex Relationships in Tomodachi Collection: New Life

Kotaku reports that the same sex relationships enjoyed by male characters in the Japanese game Tomodachi Collection: New Life have been patched out. Last week it came to light that male characters in the cutesy Japanese life sim for the 3DS could have relationships with each other. Nintendo promised a patch but many had hoped that the game would patch those same kinds of relationships for females into the game.

Apparently Nintendo saw this as a "bug" and not a "feature." In patch notes released today Nintendo revealed some of the things the update to the game fixed:

The inability to boot up the game

Error messages

Human relations that become strange

The inability to save

(emphasis ours)

Apparently same-sex relationships are "human relationships that become strange." Some Japanese gamers on Twitter are urging players who want to keep those same sex relationships to avoid patching the game, according to Kotaku… Nintendo has not publicly commented on the update or the same-sex relationships that were possible before this latest update.

Source: Kotaku

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