Poll Results: What Will Microsoft Call its Next Console

Last week we asked you to guess what Microsoft might name its next console. From five choices, a clear majority of you took the "joke" option, saying that the Next Xbox console would be called "Xbox Steve." Some of you may have thought this option referred to Microsoft's Steve Ballmer, or perhaps you thought it was an homage to the Minecraft character of the same name. Whatever the reason, 40 percent of the votes (169 votes) decided that "Xbox Steve" was the best choice.

Twenty-Five percent of the votes (107 votes) went to Xbox 720; 21 percent (89 votes) believe it will be called Xbox Fusion; four percent (18 votes) backed the Xbox Durango option; and 20 percent (42 votes) backed the "other" option but didn't send in any suggestions. Another name that is rumored right now is "Xbox Infinity" but that name was revealed well after we launched our poll.

Andrew and EZK discuss this poll at length in Episode 51 of the Super Podcast Action Committee.


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