Poll: Will There Be Female Presenters at Microsoft’s New Console Unveiling?

May 14, 2013 -

One of the most pervasive criticisms that came out of the event where Sony unveiled the PS4 was the fact that none of the presenters were women.

To be honest, I didn't notice until someone pointed it out.

Oh, don't give me that look.  I'll bet you didn't notice that not a single one of the presenters were red-heads.  Now, I don't know if that's true or not but I bet you'd have to scan through footage of the entire presentation to confirm it one way or the other.

Sorry, I got off topic.  Where was I? 

Oh yeah.  Microsoft will unveil Xbox Steve next week.  Do you think there will be female presenters at the big event?  If so, how many?  One?  More?  Heck, do you think Microsoft will go all out with nothing but female presenters in order to stick it to Sony?  Vote in the poll and let us know.

When you're done, head into the comments and share the wonderful thoughts and opinions that can't be captured by a mere website poll.  Here's a point of discussion: if they do have female presenters, will their dress be business casual like the males or sexualized?  Comment away or send us email at SuperPACpodcast@gmail.com.  Especially if you're a Nigerian prince.  We love hearing from those guys.  (How many princes does Nigeria have, anyway?)  EZK and I will discuss the poll results on the next podcast.

Oh, and cut Sony some slack.  I mean, there may not have been any female presenters but it's not like there were no women anywhere in its two-hour event.


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-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen


Re: Poll: Will There Be Female Presenters at Microsoft’s New ...

It's rather curious to be see the polar response (in terms of thumbs up and thumbs down) to the comment provided by Scazza.

I am curious: Is it because of the way he worded his response or is it because people do not agree with his sentiment (which seems to be that people are asking for women to be there simply for the sake appeasing persons who don't believe women have an equal representation - which is not entirely disingenuous in this industry)?

To that point, no matter how this plays out, if female presenters are brought in, it will be easy to argue that they were brought in for the sake of having female presenters and an atmosphere of tokenism occurring here will be inescapable.

Papa Midnight

Re: Poll: Will There Be Female Presenters at Microsoft’s New ...

I voted the person's comment down.

It is part of a very black and white meme, the assumption that there is no systemic problem or gender bias in the industry and thus people blindly want more women represented at the cost of quality.  It completely ignores the problem of perfectly capable women getting less credit or less attention, being skipped over, or thought of as less able because they are women.

The idea makes many people uncomfortable and defensive, so they simplify it and lash out with memes like that... and seeds the idea that if women do make it to such public positions they probably do not actually belong there, so you get a bit of a loop reinforcing the original problem.

Which, unfortunately, there is a problem, but we are an industry that reacts with frightening hostility to the very idea.  People like to think they are impartial and got to where they are purely based off their own merits.. the idea that they might have had some systemic advantage somehow hurts their self image... and in an industry where strutting your stuff and convincing everyone around you that you are hot shit, self image is important.

Re: Poll: Will There Be Female Presenters at Microsoft’s New ...

Heres the thing.  As of right now, there are very few women high up in MS gaming division in the marketing or executive level.  They normally bring on a handful of key players in the development of the system onto the stage to show off certain features and explain aspects of the system.

It is sad that there are so few women that high in the corporate chain, however, as of right now, it would be a travesty to shove Danielle from the mail room onto the stage so we can have a "See, we are progressive, look, a woman!" moment.  Or, even worse, shove a hired model onto the stage and say "look nerds, breasts...  come and get them!"  Which happens ALL THE TIME.

So personally I don't want any women on the stage unless they actually need to be there.  I want the industry to change, and there are certainly women in many key points in other companies, but in MS, apart from a few in PR with Majornelson, there are very few that are able to be put on stage at such a high profile event to sell the next 7 years of their gaming strategy to the public.

I know some development houses like Ubisoft like to put Jade Raymond up on stage, and I have nothing but respect for her, but sometimes it comes off as the "heres an attractive woman for the nerds" feeling sometimes.  Shes talented, but somehow shes their main spokes model and it seems a bit thin when we see her for every ubisoft title.

My point:  As of right now, it sucks theres so few women in the industry, but don't BS us by putting the wrong person on stage to either a) appease the equality people  or b) to turn on the nerds.  Sorry my last comment with a bit short and poorly worded.

Re: Poll: Will There Be Female Presenters at Microsoft’s New ...

I would rather there be no female presenters, than them hiring them just to please the morons who whine about it and to have an attractive female to shove on stage and talk about stuff.

Re: Poll: Will There Be Female Presenters at Microsoft’s New ...

I can only assume whoever downvoted you is in favor of tokenism?

Re: Poll: Will There Be Female Presenters at Microsoft’s New ...

I kind of wish they would actually call it Xbox Steve.  It's almost guaranteed to be better than whatever they do name it.

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