Hawken Office Prank Has Surprising Result

An office prank to replace a framed picture of a scantily-clad female Hawken character with a scantily clad male character in the office of the CEO of Hawken publisher Meteor Entertainment has a surprising result. The prank, detailed over at The Hawkeye Initiative, explains how some Meteor Entertainment employees decided to replace a picture of a female character with a male character. An anonymous employee enlisted the help of co-worker Sam Kirk, who put his talents to work on creating a male version of the mechanic character complete with exposed midriff and skimpy bottoms.

"I loathe this picture," wrote an anonymous employee to The Hawkeye Initiative, saying it was "one thing I did not love about my job."

"Why do I loathe it? How, you ask, can I stay mad at a sweet young belle who has so obviously taken a break from her important welding to offer me a piping hot cup of coffee and/or a vigorous hand job?"

When Meteor Entertainment CEO Mark Long arrived at the office on the day of the prank, the anonymous employee got a little nervous.

"We are both suddenly and painfully aware that we have, in fact, just punked the CEO of our company. He is by all accounts an awesome dude. He is also a late-50s ex-army guy who happens to determine our employment futures in an at-will state."

But much to the employee's surprise, Long had a different reaction. According to the employee, the CEO called it a brilliant prank and admitted that it called him on the "bulls**t he need to be called on." He realized that he put pictures of half-naked women up in the office all the time and never thought about it. Later he hung both pictures side-by-side and took Sam and the unnamed employee to lunch.

Ultimately the prank made the CEO see a perspective he wouldn't have seen otherwise. Perhaps it will help drive the company towards a policy where creating and celebrating female characters goes beyond what they look like with their clothes (almost) off..

You can read the full account here.

Source: GameSpot, image via.


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