Report: Microsoft to Kill off MS Points System

The Verge is reporting that Microsoft may kill off its point system used on its Xbox Live Marketplace. Citing sources "familiar with Microsoft's Xbox plans," The Verge says that Microsoft will replace the MS Points system with a gift card system for retail and will support straight transactions of money using credit and debit cards. The gift cards will be similar to what Apple offers for iTunes – in other words they will have a real cash value.

This new real-world currency system will work across all of Microsoft's various marketplaces, including the Windows Store, Windows Phone Store, and Xbox Live Marketplace. The Verge says that Microsoft is planning to unveil the system as soon as E3, with a launch later this year for the next-generation Xbox console.

Microsoft is set to hold a press event to reveal some details on its next-generation console next week.

Source: The Verge


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