Google + Games Shutting Down June 30

Google announced that it will dump its Google+ Games service in favor of new game services to be rolled into Google Play, which was announced yesterday at the Google I/O event. Google issued a statement saying that all of the games currently available on Google + will be moved into its new service and that the section of Google + will be shut down on June 30.

"As announced on May 15, 2013, games inside will be retired on June 30, 2013. If you would like to continue playing a particular game, contact the game's developer to find out if there's a new destination site for the game," the company wrote on the support page for its Google + Games service. "Some of the game pages on have a link to an alternative site where you can continue to play the game."

As for games that you may have made payments in, Google offers the following advice:

"Some games will be migrating data to an alternative destination site where you can continue to use your unused payments. Other games are offering a grace period in which you can use any available credits before the game is shutdown. Contact the game developer for further information."

You can read the entire statement along with links to game operators here.

In case you didn't catch the announcement yesterday, the Google Play game services is a "cross-platform game service and SDK on Android, iOS, and the web." It will offer social and public leaderboards, achievements, cloud saves, and real-time multiplayer.


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