Latest Indie Royale Bundle Promises Mayhem

Indie Royale has launched the Mayhem Bundle, offering players multiple indie titles that are described as a "mix-up of anarchic indie games." The bundle includes Burn Zombie Burn!, Primal Fears, Alien Shooter 2: Conscription, Plain Sight, Lucius and Droplitz. A seventh mystery game will be added to the mix at a later date.

All of the games are available on Steam for Windows, while only two titles offer Desura codes: Lucius and Alien Shooter 2: Conscription.

The current minimum price is $5.67, but if you're willing to pay $8 or more then you can score the album Phonetic Symphony by Niamh "Chipzel" Houston.

As pay-what-you-want bundles go, this is a pretty decent deal, though Mac and Linux fans are kind of left out in the cold for this latest bundle. Better luck next time.

Find out more about the latest bundle at


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