Survey: Majority of UK Men in Relationships Choose Games Over Sex

A survey carried out by VoucherCodesPro of 1,442 men in the United Kingdom found that men who have been in relationships for six months or more would rather play a new video game than have sex with their partner. Forty-nine percent of men surveyed said that they would choose video games over sex, while 32 percent would rather have sex with their partner, and 19 percent indicated that their choice would depend on the game in question.

Participants were also given a list of upcoming games to choose from as an option instead of sex. Those game choices included Grand Theft Auto V, Elder Scrolls Online, FIFA 14, The Last of Us, and Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist. Grand Theft Auto V was the most popular choice among men, with 71 percent indicating they would rather play the game than have sex. Sixty-seven percent chose FIFA 14, 55 percent chose Elder Scrolls Online, 52 percent liked Splinter Cell Blacklist, and 49 percent thought that The Last of Us would provide more pleasure than some quality time with their partners.

Source: Trusted Reviews

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