Report: GameStop Has Delisted Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Patriots

Is Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Patriots dead? We're not sure, but GameStop made a dramatic move today that might indicate that something bad has happened to Ubisoft's upcoming game. According to IGN, video game retailer GameStop has removed the game from its database, and is no longer available for pre-order.

Speaking with a source that has "intimate knowledge of the retailer" IGN claims that GameStop "actively flipped a switch" to eliminate Rainbow 6 Patriots from its system. The retailer does not do this with big brands from major publishers unless it has some sort of confirmation that a title is dead, according to the source.

Other retailers are not following GameStop's lead at this time: Amazon, UK retailer Game, and others continue to list Rainbow 6.

Ubisoft's response to IGN concerning this delisting?

"We have nothing further to share about Rainbow 6: Patriots at this time."

It is likely that the game has either been delayed on current-gen systems because Ubisoft plans to bring it to next-generation systems. We will know one way or the other next month at E3…

Source: IGN

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