Six Games Greenlighted by Steam Community

May 17, 2013 -

Valve announced six new titles to be greenlighted by the Steam community. The new games that will eventually make their way to Steam thanks to the community's support are Bleed, Game Dev Tycoon, Riot, Stardew Valley, The Legend, and Legends of Eisenwald.

Probably the most high profile game in the list of newly approvade titles is Game Dev Tycoon, which made headlines for the unique way it dealt with piracy. You may remember that the developers of the game made it so that pirated versions of the game made it so that virtual companies would suffer from high levels of piracy. Ironically many of those who pirated the game complained about it.

The Leonard's Riot is a game about social upheaval, Bleed is an action platformer featuring a purple-haired protagonist, The Legend is a first-person horror game, Stardew Valley is a country-life RPG simulation featuring four-player coop play, and Legends of Eisenwald is an interesting medieval strategy RPG.

Valve has not released details on when all of these games will be available. You can learn more about them here.

Source: Eurogamer



Re: Six Games Greenlighted by Steam Community

Thanks for the heads-up: I wouldn't want to accidentally buy Game Dev Tycoon.

Re: Six Games Greenlighted by Steam Community

If you bought it on the website, you will get a steam key for it once it gets released on steam, according to the FAQ

Re: Six Games Greenlighted by Steam Community

I didn't mean "accidentally buy it twice". I meant "accidentally buy it ever".

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