Australia’s Bureau of Statistics Releases City Building Game

Australia's Bureau of Statistics has released an interesting game for iOS devices that uses real census data (circa 2011) from the country's various towns called Run That Town. Players build a town using real census data (which can include the real town they live in… in Australia) and run it.

Players make all the leadership decisions for their towns, deal with the gripes of angry residents, and build special projects that make their town more livable including pools, stadiums, casinos, theme parks, and more. Players can also poll their residents prior to building these special projects to avoid any later controversies.

If the player does a particularly lousy job managing their town, they could end up being thrown out by angry residents, so polling them on important issues seems to be an important part of the game.

You can learn more about the game by checking out the video to your left. The game is free to download and play here.

Source: CVG

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