Old Meets New: Video Game Sans Video

Michael Newman and his Los Angeles-based interactive development and product design company Pomp Productions has created an interesting game called Video Game Sans Video. Recently shown off at the 2013 Maker Faire, and highlighted by Discovery, Video Game Sans Video is a clever contraption that lets players navigate a space ship in four directions (up, down, forward and back).

It simulates the action using a scrolling paper background. Newman drew the simple background with black marker. Players control the game using a joystick, steering it through deep landscapes while avoiding hazards like boulders and walls. The device is made up of parts scavenged from a scanner and a copier printer, and SparkFun Electronic’s EasyDriver Stepper Driver to control stepper motors on the space ship’s tracks.

"The spaceship is really just an infrared sensor," Newman told Discovery News. "As you navigate through the world, it the sensor encounters a dark color, it lets the computer know that you’ve crashed."

Newman made the game that is not a game for his own personal reasons: he wanted to make something that used levels drawn by himself – an activity he enjoyed doing as a child – and share the results with children of today.

You can get a glimpse of the game here.

Pomp makes a lot of interesting, interactive and often-game related contraptions, which you can learn more about on its Facebook page.

Source: Discovery


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