Poll Results: Female Presenters at Microsoft’s Xbox Event

Last week we asked you "Will there be any female presenters at the unveiling of Microsoft’s new console?" The majority of you indicated that you think that the Microsoft event tomorrow morning will be a total sausage-fest, with a large number of you expecting just one fame presenter (which is apparently one more than Sony had at its PS4 event earlier in the year). Let's jump into the numbers:

– 41% (134 votes) voted for "Nope. Total sausage fest."

– 32% (105 votes) chose "One female presenter. Take that Sony!"

– 12% (39 votes) were a little more optimistic and chose "Two or more."

– 16% (52 votes) think that "All presenters will be female. All of them."

Thanks to all of you who voted in last week's poll. Andrew and EZK discuss the issue at length in episode 52 of Super Podcast Action Committee. Now THAT show is definitely a sausage-fest…


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