Precursor CEO Calls Questionable ‘Terms and Conditions’ Document a Mistake

Speaking to Develop, Precursor Games CEO and founder Paul Caporicci told the publication that the statements in the terms and conditions document related to its crowdfunding of Shadow of the Eternals were from a "boiler plate" document taken from another site.

News came to light last week that the document contained the words "a donation cannot be cancelled or returned once it has been completed, whether or not Precursor Games completes the game or fulfils the specified reward." The document also stated that any pledges are "strictly donations and are not consideration for any service or product."

"We just had a boiler plate terms of service, and there’s actually lots of ones very similar to that on other sites," he said. "But yes we absolutely should have been more clear, if we don’t reach our goal we will be refunding all the money to everyone.

“That was just a mistake on our part not to be more specific with what our intentions are with this project.”

The company's FAQ now says that if the crowdfunding is not successful all pledges will be refunded. When asked how much the developer really needed for the first game, Caporicci said the studio required $1.5m for the pilot.

"Our goal is $1.5 million for the first episode and we anticipate future episodes to be much cheaper than that, there’s a lot of upfront costs in there," he said.

"So we set out our goal for $1.5m for the pilot episode, and we were able to raise $150,000 on our own site. And then we kept hearing people say Kickstarter, Kickstarter, Kickstarter. So we launched that with a goal of $1.35m, and then we essentially asked the community 'what would you like us to do for the people who have already donated with our own site?', and we put it up to a poll and they said just leave it open-ended.

"Right now, essentially what we’re telling people is that we’re focusing on the Kickstarter, but if the Kickstarter is not an option for you, and you want a PayPal option to donate, we’ve left our site open for that purpose."

Caporicci went on to say that should the game's two crowdfunding campaigns fail to reach their goals, the developer would look to other options to fund the game including private investment..

Source: Develop

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