Fireproof Co-Founder: Platform Holders Need to be Friendlier to Developers

Barry Meade, the co-founder of Fireproof Games, has a message for Sony and Microsoft: the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One need to be friendlier to game developers. Fireproof is best known for developing the atmospheric iPad game, The Room, which earned the augural BAFTA for best British Game. Meade says that developers who have abandoned consoles for mobile devices won't come back if the big players are not willing to act in a more reasonable manner when it comes to how they treat and what they charge developers.

"The reality is that it is far, far easier to make games on mobile, even if it is arguably more competitive than the console space," Barry Meade told the BBC.

"Frankly, many game developers are rightly wondering why on earth they would go back to Sony and Microsoft platforms to embrace once again a plodding pace of change, interminable bureaucracy, exorbitant fees and, let's be honest, frequent head-in-the-sand arrogance from the giants of gaming hardware."

"Sony and Microsoft have to become a lot more developer-friendly – otherwise devs like us will never go back," he adds.

Meade added that the total cost of developing The Room would have barely covered the setup costs for developing on Sony or Microsoft's consoles.

Both platform holders have talked about being friendlier to game developers and about making game development easier for creative types, but neither has really addressed the issue of costs.

Source: Develop


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