Katie Couric Admits Her Video Game Violence Episode Was One-Sided

In a "Friday Follow-Up" segment that aired on her show, Katie Couric admitted that her recent show on video game violence that featured a "who's who" of anti-video game voices was one-sided. The show, "Are Video Games Ruining Your Life?" aired on April 29 and featured Daniel Petric, who cited video games as being a "catalyst" for shooting and killing his mother on October 20, 2007. It also featured Dr. Michael Welner, "one of America's top forensic psychiatrists"; Coleen Moore, "a counselor at The Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery"; Former Colts Star Quinn Pitcock, who blames his Call of Duty addiction for ending his NFL career; and Common Sense Media CEO and Founder James Steyer.

But Couric saying "mea culpa" and then adding that she invited Bungie and the ESA to attend the show is nonsense. If she can have over a half-dozen guest representing one side of an argument I am sure that she could have found just as many guest that think video games are more of a force for good than evil. Clearly her producers put zero effort into finding a counter argument.

You can watch her Friday follow-up here.

Source: GameSpot.


P.S. The ECA offices are just under an hour north of Couric's studios.


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    GrimCW says:

    No surprise there.
    If they can't sensationalize it and have to have an equal argument made, than theres no point in airing it.

    Thats simply how it works. Ratings only go up when people get aggravated, and the content is controversial without contest. Have we learned nothing from the success of Jerry Springer?

    Or Wally Sparks?! :p

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    Papa Midnight says:

    Even the most average of journalist will make an effort to merely present the other side of arguments regardless of whether or not they readily have a speaker, expert, or individual who is well versed on the topic who can appear to provide a counter-argument. This was one-sided, biased, and no effort was made to present a counter-claim in any way, shape or form. I’m more than sure Hal Halpin himself would’ve been more than happy to make himself available for an interview if requested.

    The moment Katie said “Mea Culpa”, it absolutely screamed “non-apology apology” just for the solo purpose of appeasement.

    Not buying it.

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