Report: TV on Xbox One Will Use a ‘Pass Through Cable’ Method

During today's big reveal of the Xbox One Microsoft showed off how seamlessly television works on the system. Our initial concern was "how do consumers get TV onto the Xbox" if Microsoft doesn't have some sort of agreement with them to allow it. Anyone who has a cable operator that doesn't support HBO GO on various platforms will know exactly what I'm talking about.

Well, this MCV report indicates that Microsoft will simply use a pass-through cable method for getting your television programming on your Xbox One. By plugging your Set top box into the Xbox One you should be able to watch your TV seamlessly.

One thing we're not sure of is if people who do not subscribe to cable or Satellite TV services will be able to plug their HD TV's or HD TV converters into the system.

Still this news is good news for those worried that the Cox and Time Warner Cables of the world won't support it – they don't need to…

Source: MCV

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    Neeneko says:


    So essentially it can take an HDMI input, rip out the DRM, preform operations on the stream, and pipe it back out to the TV?

    Don't IP owners get kinda grumpy when you do that?

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