GameStop Assures Consumers that PS4 and Xbox One Games Can Be Resold

While Microsoft is being a little bit cagey about how it will handle used games on Xbox One, GameStop is trying to reassure consumers that next-generation games will be able to be bought and sold. Speaking to Forbes, GameStop president Tony Bartel explained why having the ability to buy and sell games is important as consoles transition.

"Both Sony and Microsoft have said games can be resold and that's exactly what we anticipated. It's a recognized way to make these games more affordable. All three new platforms understand that," Bartel told Forbes. "As people upgraded to PS3 they traded in their old systems and libraries, which is why Sony made the move to not support backwards compatibility with later iterations of PS3. That's why the 'buy, sell, trade' model works well. It enables people to purchase new games by trading in their old ones. We expect to see the same thing with this transition for PS4 and Xbox One. Trade-ins allow for a seamless transition."

Bartel also pointed out that around 70 percent of the $1 billion that GameStop rakes in from used game sales goes right back into new game sales. He also notes that the cash generated from many of the used products sold by consumers will be spent on new consoles as well.

Source: Forbes


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