Humble Bundle Weekly Sale Features Alan Wake Titles

The Humble Weekly Bundle is offering the Collector's Edition of Remedy's psychological action thriller Alan Wake and the follow-up title, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. Both games are only available on Windows via Steam unfortunately. The current average purchase price for the two games is a paltry $2.14. It is understandable why at that price over 83,300 bundles have already been sold. So far the bundle has raised over $178,000, with proceeds going to the game's developer, the Humble Bundle folks, and charities the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child's Play.

Bonus materials that come with this bundle include the official soundtrack to Alan Wake, early Alan Wake demo videos, the Harry Garrett Show (in-game video of Alan Wake being interviewed), "Making of" videos, Alan Wake "Writer in the Cabin" clips, Night Springs Episodes (fictional TV show), the "Balance Slays the Demon" Music Video, Alan Wake "The Movie" (full playthrough of the game), concept art, comic books, wallpapers, cardboard cutouts, Alan Wake Sheet Music, screenplays, and the Alan Wake Files book.

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