Poll: Are You Excited For the Xbox One?

Sony's Microsoft's ass-numbingly long PlayStation 4 Xbox One blowout is finally over!

So what did you all think?

Are you excited?  Are you cautiously optimistic?  Does your apathy towards Sony's Microsoft's new console know no bounds?

Please vote in our poll then fill the comments section and our inbox (SuperPACpodcast@gmail.com) with your opinions and thoughts on the show.  What are you most excited about?  What are you most concerned about?  Did you watch the entire 2-hour 1-hour presentation at work?  Does your boss know?

I know you won't be able to sleep at night until you hear what EZK and I have to say about Sony's Microsoft's show so we'll be sure to opine at length about it on next week's podcast.  In the meantime, pop some melatonin and stay away from heavy machinery.

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-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen

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  1. Longjocks says:

    I think I'll wait for MS's next gaming console. Not interested in… whatever this is. I want to say set-top box? I just can't tell. I mean, it does what my TV does, but it comes with a game controller. Although it doesn't seem to come with any games. Well, there's this one game about ghosts that has a hi-res dog in it. I assume the dog can see ghosts? I mean, I'm pretty sure he was wearing a proton pack.

    So, are MS going to announce a gaming console at E3?

    Yours sincerely,


  2. Cecil475 says:

    My aunt and I saw it and we made fun almost during the whole thing. I'm confused on their whole explanation of how used games is supposed to work or not work. I would either need more information or see what Sony has to offer. Grand Theft Auto is the only reason I'd get either of these two systems, and with GTAV around the corner for current gen consoles, I wouldn't see the need to save up for a new console until the announcement of GTA VI. Then I'll start saving up for both game + system.

    Otherwise I'm happy with Nintendo.

     – W


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  3. GrimCW says:

    Not sure how you had such a problem with Myst, mine worked vanilla tbh, but i ended up with the easier route and got the re-release from GoG anyways which is pretty much guaranteed to work no hassles. As for quality controls.. this depends on if your sticking with the basics (Keyboard/mouse) or trying to fuddle a gamepad into a game that doesn't natively support it. The only time its very hard is with the unsupported controller, or in a game that isn't meant for the weak of heart and mind like ArmA. Which is why those games aren't on consoles typically.

    Keeping up on the latest tech is hardly necessary also, i'll never get why people think thats such a top priority. Most of the older tech won't outdate for years much like consoles. Get a decent system built now, and just adjust settings for awhile. In fact most of its stagnated due to the aging consoles, so the new tech shown 4-5 years ago is just BARELY being implemented in games, and barely used still otherwise since most companies don't want to build a custom version of their game between platforms.

    I've the same system i built 4 years ago, save maybe a single video card upgrade, and i'm still running mid-max settings in titles without a hitch. Then again i'm not seeking that "perfect" 60fps either, and i still get a laugh out of those that believe consoles are getting it when most of them top off at 30.

  4. GrimCW says:

    In the case of PC hardware the backwards compatability for a time still exists as the PC's are still on, or half comprised of, the older equipment.

    Consoles are built on a set of hardware, and once that hardware is exchanged for new hardware, the old isn't present AT ALL anymore. Thus the compatability issues.

    It'd be like trying to run a vanilla copy of Zork on a modern PC without Dosbox.

    Tons of emulation code needs to be drawn up to FAKE the old hardwares presence, and in the way of practical development is neither necessity, nor cost effective since those sales are long gone.

  5. hellfire7885 says:

    How is keeping backwards compatibility holding anything back? The new technology is still there, it can just run older software.

    I'm guessing newer computers shouldn't be able to run four year old games then?

  6. GrimCW says:

    Hardware consistency is what makes the consoles hard to be made backwards compatible. Its also why even emulators for them don't work well most of the time. Literally they are built as the DRM themselves, and this is why most are against account based, or server hosted DRM. Lose the hosts and you lose your games FOREVER.

    The games are designed to work specifically on the designated hardware, where PC games are designed to work on multitudes of different hardware to begin with. 

  7. Imautobot says:

    My logic (since I only have a 360 collection) is that I'm equally screwed regardless of which next gen console I choose.  The difference is like getting stabbed in the face by your best friend, or hugged by a stranger.  I've probably spent thousands of dollars supporting the Xbox brand, and this is how they've chosen to repay me?  The emulators to play standard Xbox on 360 weren't an ideal solution, but they gave me some options with regard to sparing my old collection.  I don't think it would be too much to ask for a "system-on-a-chip" 360 built in.  Hell, I'd even pay $100 more for the privilage.

  8. Imautobot says:

    I agree with the premise of your argument, but more recently I have begun trying to play nostalgic PC games and I'm realizing why I gave up PC gaming to begin with.  The constant fiddling with setting, driver conflicts, and the near impossibility of configuring a quality controller setup.  These were why I gave up on PC gaming.  I was really taken back by how much difficulty I had getting retro games (like MYST) to play on a Win 7 machine.  It literally required two different setting solutions based on which of my PC's I tried to play it on.  At least consoles are as plug and play as you'll ever get.

    I should also mention that PC gaming pretty much broke me financially at one point.  Constantly tweaking my PC with the latest and greatest is not cheap over time.  At least console hardware remains relevant for 5-8 years.  A PC will fall out of top-of-the-line specs in about 6-12 months, and that presumes you buy a high-end PC.  I think "Chasing the Dragon" would be a good analogy here.

  9. Neeneko says:

    Well, PCs can do that because people have built emulators and compatibility layers to do so, and they are rarely if ever error free.

    And while yeah, console manufacturers like control, the consistency of console hardware is a significant boon to developers.  While middleware has improved the situation over the decades, PC gaming has always had to keep system differences in mind.  Crow, I can remember years ago working on a project where a problem was eventually traced down to a particular set of available instructions (I think it was SSE vs SSE3).  It took weeks of testing time to figure out  and non trivial compromises to make it work in both cases.

    Invisible to the customer, but that was development time where, if we had a guaranteed hardware set, could have been spent on other things.

    (edited to add) for that matter, have you seen what goes into making 'PCs' backward compatible?  It takes a massive investment at both the OS and hardware level on the part of the manufacturers to make it as seamless as it, well, seams.

    But if you have ever tried to take an app written for, say, SunOS on a Sparc and try to run it on your brand new i686 server running NT?  Consoles are custom hardware (with major things like CPUs often switched between iterations) running thin custom OSes.

    PC game developers get the backward compatibility they do for free because business users throw a hissy fit when they can not run their critical applications after an upgrade.  Consumers needs in that regard are an afterthought at best.

  10. greevar says:

    No, the fact that it is a console is the problem. Any PC today can play games from the age of DOS and on. There's no issue with "backwards compatibility" in PC's, consoles are built to function under highly restrictive conditions. That's not because of hardware consistency, but because they want control over consumer choice.

  11. lordlundar says:

    Well the "pay extra for used games" crap will have that covered. The only way it can be enforced is by requiring an internet connection so it will still be tethered.

  12. Imautobot says:

    They probably focus-grouped the hell out of that thing, then threw out all that dialog, and did whatever they wanted.

  13. Infophile says:

    I voted that I couldn't care less, though it would be more accurate to say that their press conference turned me off. The only way it could have been any worse was if they'd made it always-online.

  14. mwiland says:

    i can tell you for a fact the army will never do anything even remotely similar to a private network for gamers.  especially in Afghanistan you would need your own satellite and satellite dish.  as the army has flat out refused to let a private network for any non-mission related activities transmit over their equipment, i am speaking from personal experience.

  15. Neeneko says:

    That is a point.  I think the project I worked on was restricted to a subset of bases.  We did not have control over where it was offered, we were just told to run the modified servers just for them.

  16. GrimCW says:

    That only works on bases, and under special circumstances for certain ranks. Even then its such a pain in the ass to get near its barely worth the time spent.

    I was USN and we had it on a few bases. Problem is all the security and passwords made plugging anythig but a laptop into these things nearly impossible. As well as it was limited to special tents/buildings where taking a console just isn't practical (no TV's, usually just a bunch of old computers for internet browsing or counter strike)

    There are cases where the base might have one or two consoles setup for generic use, but with the online and account requirements its basically a no go, especially since save game/memory cards are no more.

    Then theres time on the ship, or smaller bases where these can't/won't function, or just aren't allowed to even be tried. Thus killing off a lot of potential users.

  17. Imautobot says:

    I've been brand loyal for 2 generations, I guess this is where my loyalty ends.  No backward compatibility.  Used games supported, but with an additional fee?  How is that not a form of DRM?  And what if you get that used game home, pop it in, and your internet connection is down.  It's a coaster at that point.

    I guess I should have seen this coming, I mean, they did remove the one windows design element that had been constant for nearly 20 years.  It seems stupid is M$ new modus operandi.

    At the end of the year, I don't even know if I'll progress into the next generation.  Sony's looking up, but I still need more info.  The Ouya is a cute looking piece of shit.  And The Xbox One has a dumb name, dumb form factor, dumb forced Kinect features, draconian used game scheme, and no means to play my previous generation games; meaning I MUST have another piece of f'ning equipment adding to an already ugly collection of wires jutting out from behind my TV.  

    And you know the pricing scheme on this thing is going to involve a subsidized version like a cell phone.  I really have no desire to sign on for 2 years of XBL, only to give them free reign to peer into my living room, and force feed me ads based on what I'm wearing, eating, or talking about.  This things reeks like Minority Report.  Where is the conservative outrage?  Big Brother will literally be watching you!

  18. GrimCW says:

    FYI PS4 also won't be backwards compatible..

    TBH this is a GOOD thing as it allows the tech to actually move forward rather than go stale and get held back. Part of Nintendo's problem is their holding onto the old tech to long and its keeping them from stepping up.

  19. Bennett Beeny says:

    Firstly, I am an Xbox 360 owner. The new Xbox is not backwards compatible, so next time I'm going with Sony. If Microsoft is not going to support the games I bought for their old system, why should I support their new system? It's as simple as that for me.

    Also, the idea that they're moving away from it being a gaming console pisses me off. I don't want a whole entertainment system for my TV room – I just want a gaming console.

  20. Deadagent says:

    Personally speaking, the whole of the next gen looking really really bland.

    I mean, were walking in this gen with the remains of the last gen gaming culture which is dominated by Console dudebro military FPS. A genre which A) I don't like B) still works best on the PC. And after the announcements of Sony and Microsofts consoles, things aren't looking better IMO. I'm sure you can guess what I voted for.

  21. Neeneko says:

    The Navy at least used to have some dedicated servers for such things, but those were generally special deals worked out with individual companies.

    I do not know if Microsoft would bother, but it would not be unprecedented if they did some special setup just for the military.  If nothing else they already have pretty deep links with the DoD and major contractors, so they have partners who are already cleared for running such systems.

  22. GrimCW says:

    needing to check in at least once a day and screwing the members of the armed forces has me turned off entirely.

    I know what its like out there having down time and nothing to do, and theres no way that commands are going to start opening connections for consoles just for 24 hours of play.

    It's BS to even go that route, and you'd think they'd have learned from Ubisofts attempts at the same previously.

    This console is going to have legions of hackers assaulting it out the gate just for this reason. So its not even worth getting any hopes up for until its been fixed or cracked.

  23. ZippyDSMlee says:

    Nope I'm done they are making products for mouth breathing pabulum consuming semi wealthily suburban scene kids not for gamers….

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