Gaming Beats Out Sex as Favorite Bank Holiday Activity Among UK Males

According to a survey of male customers conducted by UK video game retailer GAME (and reported on by the Daily Record), approximately 39 percent of British men said they would rather play games than do anything on a bank holiday (a public holiday in the UK). They chose gaming over spending time with friends (35 percent), having sex with their partners (30 percent), gardening (29 percent), shopping (24 percent), home improvement projects (24 percent), spending time at the park or beach (24 percent) and socializing in pubs, clubs, or bars (20 percent).

The most popular activity during bank holidays was spending time with family (57 percent) followed by just over half (52 percent) indicating that they enjoy spending their time off watching TV and films.

"With the bank holiday weather expected to be typically miserable, who can blame people for preferring to stay indoors rather than venture out into the chill. And with gaming overtaking the more traditional domestic pursuits, why not swap the screwdriver for the gamepad this weekend!" said Fred Prego, Insights and Rewards Director for GAME.

The survey also revealed what British men plan on playing this weekend: Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario Kart and Super Mario Bros. The Wii was voted the most popular console among those surveyed, followed by the Xbox 360 and the PS3.

Source: Daily Record

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