Governors Highway Safety Association Praises Hawaii’s New Distracted Driving Law

The Governors Highway Safety Association is heaping praise on lawmakers in Hawaii for passing a very tough law against distracted driving and another law concerning seatbelts. The law prohibits drivers from texting or using hand-held devices while driving.

While there are some loopholes for adults over the age of 18, for youngsters just about all device usage while driving is now illegal including cell phones, video game devices, music devices, and more.

While other states (40 to be exact) now have strict laws concerning texting while driving, Hawaii joins 11 other states that have passed a comprehensive law to deal with the issue. The law still allows for adults who want to use hands-free devices the ability to do so, but drivers under the age of 18 are prohibited from using even hands-free devices.

The law also has exceptions for audio equipment, GPS devices and video entertainment devices for passengers. Emergency calls are also allowed.

Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie signed the law on Monday. Abercrombie also signed a bill that requires even adults to wear seat belts in the back seats of cars.


Source: Insurance Journal

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