ITC Rules That Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Does Not Infringe on Motorola’s Patents

The International Trade Commission (ITC) ruled on Thursday that Microsoft did not infringe upon any of Motorola Mobility's patents related to its Xbox 360 console. This latest decision from the ITC puts an end to an investigation that stretches as far back as 2010.

Motorola Mobility went to the ITC claiming that Microsoft had infringed upon several of its patents with the home console, which led to the ITC issuing a preliminary ruling in April of last year that sided with Motorola on four different patents. In March an ITC administrative law judge ruled that the asserted claims of the one remaining patent had actually not been infringed after all. Motorola asked the ITC to withdraw other patent claims it made against Microsoft related to the console. Today's ruling by the ITC Commission affirms that earlier decision on that one remaining last claim.

The fight over the Xbox 360 is a side show to a larger smartphone patent war between Apple, Microsoft and the mobile phone makers who use Google's Android software. Of course, this does not end the feud between Microsoft and Google's subsidiary, but it certainly allows Microsoft to put its legal energies elsewhere…

You can read the ruling here (PDF).

Source: The Verge


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