Microsoft Claims it Can Sell 25 Million More Xbox 360s

Microsoft tells OXM that it can sell 25 million more Xbox 360s even after it rolls out the Xbox One. The Xbox 360 has sold an estimated 77.2 million units since it launched in 2005. Speaking to the UK's Official Xbox Magazine, Interactive Entertainment Business Senior VP Yusuf Mehdi said that Microsoft plans to sell these 25 million additional consoles over the next five years.

Mehdi admits that a large number of those sales will "probably come from replacements," but Microsoft is also planning a "huge announcement" related to the Xbox 360 for E3 to keep owners of the aging console engaged. In addition to an expected update to the system's dashboard, Microsoft might announce some enhancements or changes to its subsidized pricing strategy for the system that it introduced last year.

Mehdi also told the publication that an increased focus on entertainment and TV could help the company sell hundreds of millions of Xbox Ones.

Mehdi said that if "you can go broader than a game console," then you can go from 300 million total console sales this generation to "potentially upwards of a billion" next. "That's how we're thinking of the Xbox opportunity as we go forward."

Source: OXM by way of The Verge


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