ESA Releases 2012 Annual Report

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) released its 2012 Annual Report (PDF) today, revealing that it sent a total of 3.4 million takedown notices for copyright infringement and helped remove more than 99,500 Google links containing infringed game files during 2012. The trade group that represents the video game industry (and operates the ESRB and the E3 trade show) also said that it helped to create a 10 percent decrease from 2011 in the speed of removing infringing files. Around 5.4 million files were removed, with 55 percent of them being removed in "less than a day."

The report lists other activities the group took part in including charity work, work with the President's council on sports & nutrition, cultural events and endeavors, its efforts via the ESRB, and much more. You can check the report out here.

Source: Polygon


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