Fans Call on Sony to Avoid DRM for Used PS4 Games

While Xbox 360 fans fret over possible used game licensing fees and a console that may or may not require you to always be connected with Xbox One, Sony fans have taken to twitter to bombard Sony executives. Recently fans took to Twitter to urge Sony not to use those same techniques for the upcoming PlayStation 4 console.

Using the hashtags #PS4NoDRM and #PS4USEDGAMES, consumers have sent messages to Sony executives pleading with them not to implement any kind of usage restrictions on the PS4.

A number of top Sony executives responded to the Tweets expressing their gratefulness for the passionate response from fans and to say that the company is paying attention to what its fans are saying. Sony wisely avoided talking about used games or DRM as it relates to the PS4, of course.

"I know my colleagues might not appreciate me saying this, but I’ve rather enjoyed being Twitter bombed by passionate fans recently," said SCEE senior business development manager Shahid Kamal Ahmad.

Publisher and developer relations staffer Adam Boyes said, in response to YouTube star TotalBiscuit’s suggestion that Twitter might be a bad place to make used game comparisons and arguments: "imho it's working pretty well, much better than a few letters would. We're seeing the message loudly, and it's immediate."

Sony PlayStation head of hardware marketing John Koller said: "This is why I love PlayStation fans- the passion bucket overflows #playstation."

SCEE Playstation software product development head Scott Rohde stated: "I love passionate #PlayStation Fans!!"

SCEA producer Nick Accordino said: "Humbled by the outpouring of passionate PlayStation fans and their willingness to talk to us directly. Please know that we hear you."

Well at least they are giving the appearance of listening to fans. Hopefully they will tell fans what they want to hear about used games: that they have no plans to monetize PS4 games and will simply stay out of the market altogether.

We'll likely know more about Sony's stance on this when E3 kicks off in June.

Source: Develop


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    jedidethfreak says:

    There will be DRM on the PS4, likely similar to the Xbox One.  I seriously think anyone thinking otherwise is only setting themselves up for disappointment.

    The fact is, nobody who's whined about DRM has really affected DRM.  Every time a game comes out with built-in DRM, people have whined, yet the games have still generally sold very well – even WITH the problems that have happened over and over again.  There's no reason to believe that consoles with built-in DRM would turn out differently.

    Keep in mind there's ALREADY a next-gen console out that has NO DRM or mandatory internet connection, yet I doubt many of the DRM whiners own it.

  2. 0
    Imautobot says:

    If I twittered, I might get on this hashtag, cause as it is, I'm ready to divorce myself from the Xbox brand.  Microsoft has 3 weeks to change how I feel, after that my money will either end up in the hands of Sony, or if they turn equally evil, I'll just throw in the towel.

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