Microsoft Attempts to Obtain Xbox One Domains

When Microsoft made its Xbox One public last week it apparently hadn't been able to secure the domain names associated with its fancy new console. Now it has filed a complaint with the National Arbitration Forum in the hopes of getting the names and, according to Shacknews (based on a Fusible report). Microsoft likely didn't pursue the holders of these domains for fear of revealing the name of the console it had a decent job of keeping a secret too soon.

With the big reveal out of the way, the company will try to lock down these domains. It probably won't have too much trouble accomplishing it. Both are owned by someone in the UK and both are parked via GoDaddy as of this writing. used to be an Xbox fan site. We're not sure how long either of these domains have been secured but we assume that the move by this person in the UK to obtain them was recent.

Source: Shacknews

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