Mighty Brace Highlights the Importance of Good Oral Hygiene

While the main job description of an orthodontist is to strengthen teeth, align bites and generally straighten teeth, one of the core issues they have had trouble addressing is oral hygiene among patients with braces. A new suite of tools called Mighty Brace hopes to help. The suite, which was created with the help of fellow orthodontists, combines an iOS app and a web presence with fun game-like activities, education and more.

Mighty Brace is described as a HIPPA-compliant smart phone app and suite of software products for the orthodontic industry offering patients oral hygiene techniques and dietary guidelines using interactive videos, gameplay and opportunities for rewards. The goal of Mighty Brace is to educate and motivate young patients. It also allows orthodontists to monitor patients' homecare remotely.

“Smart dental hygiene needs to be a lifestyle choice, and the best way to help our children follow through with this decision successfully is to integrate oral care with a digital solution like Mighty Brace, which speaks the same language as today’s generation,” says Mighty Brace creator Dr. David Hime. “Instead of fighting tooth and nail for patient compliance, both professionals and parents now have an ally through Mighty Brace.”

The app is free to patients but the pro version for orthodontist costs $499. Obviously the pro version offers tools that orthodontists can use to engage patients and keep tabs on their progress while wearing braces. You can learn more about it at www.mightybrace.com.

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