Tropes vs Women in Video Games Part II

Update #2: The video is back up!

Update: the video has been removed temporarily by YouTube. Visiting the link provides the following message:

"This video has been removed because its content violated YouTube's Terms of Service. "

We'll have more on this as information becomes available, but clearly someone related to one of the many games highlighted in the video has made a copyright claim.

Original Story: Damsel in Distress: Part 2 – Tropes vs Women in Video Games, the second video in the crowd-funded video series from Feminist Frequency (Anita Sarkeesian) is now live on YouTube (thanks EZK). According to the author, the second in a series of three videos exploring the Damsel in Distress trope in video games takes a deeper look at what she calls the "dark and edgy" side of the trope in more modern games and how the plot device is often used with graphic violence against women. You can check out the video at the aforementioned link or watch it to your left.

The author points out that the video may contain imagery that is offensive to some and not suitable for young children. The video may also contain spoilers. See the video notes on YouTube for more information.


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