Humble Bundle 8 Surpasses $1.1 Million in Sales

Just 24 hours after launching, Humble Bundle 8 has managed to rake in over $1.1 million dollars. The pay-what-you-want DRM-free bundle is probably doing well because it features some high profile indie games including first-person adventure Dear Esther, the action platformer Capsized, cartoonish multiplayer action platformer Awesomenauts, minimalist puzzle-platformer Thomas Was Alone, sandbox puzzler Little Inferno, the top-down action game Hotline Miami and the audio-visual exploration and discovery game Proteus.

The current average price for the bundle is $5.68, and Linux users are once again paying the highest average price of $8.61. Over 198,000 bundles have been sold as of this writing. The bundle includes some extras like original soundtracks as well.

You can get in on the action at The bundle has 13 more days to go before it's over.


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