Poll Results: You are NOT Excited About the Xbox One

Last week after Microsoft's Xbox One press event we asked you "Are you excited for the Xbox One?" After 823 votes we have drawn the conclusion that the majority of our readers are not all that excited about Microsoft's next-generation console. Maybe it had to do with the fact that Microsoft had a hard time giving a straight answer about the console having to be always connected with the Internet, or its fee on used Xbox One games. Or maybe people were not all that excited because they didn't show any games beyond Call of Duty Ghosts – and even that was a prepared video package. Whatever the reason, you weren't buying what Microsoft was selling.

Seven percent of the votes (57 votes) were genuinely excited about the console, 21 percent (175 votes) showed some interest but wanted to learn more, and 72 percent (591 votes) indicated that they couldn't care less about the console. Thanks to everyone that voted in this poll. Look for a new one soon. Also check out the latest episode of Super Podcast Action Committee for a lengthy and colorful discussion on the Xbox One.

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