Spacetime Studios Games Played 250 Million Times

Austin, Texas-based mobile online game developer Spacetime Studios announced that its four online mobile games have garnered over 250 million play sessions to-date. The four games – Pocket Legends, Star legends, Dark Legends, and Arcane Legends – have also been downloaded over 20 million times collectively. Spacetime also says that its game have a high level of engagement, with players logging an average of 33.5 hours per month on Spacetime’s titles, almost 3 times as much as the average iOS player’s total monthly gameplay and four times more than Android players.

"A quarter of a billion play sessions is a significant milestone, but what really excites us is the engagement," said Gary Gattis, CEO, Spacetime Studios. "Spacetime’s players have logged more than 7000 years of game play. That is longer than recorded history!"

Arcane Legends is a co-op fantasy role-playing game for mobile devices, PC, and Mac; Star Legends is a space-themed massively-multiplayer adventure for mobile devices that is free-to-play; Dark Legends is a vampire-themed MMO; and Pocket Legends is a cute cartoon-style MMO for mobile devices.

You can learn more about Spacetime Studios at


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