Valve: DOTA 2 Communication Ban System Working Well

May 29, 2013 -

Valve developers working on the new language ban system for DOTA 2 - the company's popular MOBA game - say that the negative communication system is proving to be a deterrent for those caught being a little too sassy during in-game chats. The system set up to keep players from using crude, offensive, or overly derogatory language during online multiplayer battles is causing players caught in the system's net to curtail their behavior, according to a lengthy post on the DOTA 2 blog. Valve says that they have noticed a 35 percent drop in negative "interactions" since the system was put in place.

The majority of those players who do manage to earn a temporary ban for their behavior change it - 60 percent of players modify their behavior after getting in trouble. Valve also notes that reports of ill behavior are also down by 30 percent.

Valve closes the blog post by saying that they are happy with how the system is working.

"Overall, we’re happy with how the system is proceeding. The communication ban system was an attempt to remove a specific set of behaviors in the community, and given its harshness and the change in expectations it engendered, it was always going to be something that was met with criticism. As is often the case, there’s still a lot of work to do, but the early results are promising."

Source: DOTA 2 Blog


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Re: Valve: DOTA 2 Communication Ban System Working Well

Do you mean to tell me that VALVe finally has done what I have (literally) been asking Blizzard to do for years?


Papa Midnight

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