Warren Spector to Keynote Captivate Conference

Former Junction Point founder Warren Spector will deliver a keynote address at the Captivate Conference and Expo in October. Spector's keynote will be "Leadership in the Arts," and focuses on leadership in a creative medium. Spector has been developing games for over 30 years. His list of credits include the Epic Mickey series (Junction Point), Deus Ex series (Ion Storm Austin, Eidos), several Ultima games (Origin) and System Shock (Looking Glass).

"I’m excited to be keynoting the first Captivate Conference. Captivate honors the creative development community, celebrating their contributions to the digital age," Spector said "What most excited me and sets Captivate apart is the focus on games as part of the larger media universe – not just a particular kind of game or worse, games as somehow less than other media."

"In discussing this crucial topic, I’ll draw from personal experience, historical perspective and recent emphasis on structured education in the area of leadership, and, in that way, offer some conceptual insights as well as practical advice," said Spector of the keynote.

Captivate will take place October 6-8, 2013 at the Palmer Events Center in Austin, Texas. The point of the event is to bring professionals from different artistic mediums together to discuss their differences and how everyone can work together to create better art. You can learn more about Spector's keynote and the event at www.CaptivateConference.com.


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