Microsoft: Indies Important to Xbox One

Microsoft says that indies will continue to be an important part of the Xbox ecosystem when it launches Xbox One later this year. The company has had a difficult time with its messaging following its Xbox One press event last week, and while it has blamed the media for a fair share of the confusion around various issues, it's clear that comments from various executives in the company is the root of most of the confusion.

Last week the company said that indies would not be allowed to self-publish their games like they could on Xbox 360. Instead they would either have to partner with Microsoft or find a third-party publisher. This week Microsoft Studios corporate vice president Phil Spencer has more to say about indies.

Besides professing his love affair with indies, Spencer says that indie games are and will be an important part of what Microsoft offers to consumers.

"I love indie games. Personally, that's where I'm playing a lot of games. I love the diversity of characters, stories and play styles," he tells Polygon. "We want to make the television screen a home for more content, diversity of business model, size of content. Look at 360 and our history investing in games like Braid, Limbo, Castle Crashers and Trials. I think the team has done a nice job of identifying small indie developers and bringing those games [to Xbox]."

Elsewhere Microsoft Interactive Entertainment boss Don Mattrick said earlier in the week that the Xbox One will offer support for independent developers.

Mattrick mentioned a 'creator program' for indies, and that indie developers would also be given access to tools and other support. Again, the devil is in the details, which Mattrick did not provide… Hopefully we will learn more about this at E3 in June.

Source: Develop


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