Microsoft's Major Nelson on DRM: We're Listening

May 30, 2013 -

Earlier in the week Sony fans took to Twitter to urge Sony executives not to include a DRM-scheme on PS4 games similar to what Microsoft has planned for used games on Xbox One. While a number of Sony executives said that they were grateful for the feedback, they were smart enough to not actually talk about this issue.

In a response in the comments to an earlier clarification about used games and the Xbox One Xbox Live director of programming Larry 'Major Nelson' Hyrb said that, like Sony, Microsoft is listening to fans who are concerned about DRM:

"We're fully aware of what is going on. I am also working on a few things to address it. I can't say much more right now. But we ARE listening."

Most of the concern amongst Xbox fans is related to a proposed licensing fee on used games and the possibility that you need to be connected to the Internet in order to use Xbox One. Microsoft has been a bit muddled in its messaging on both issues, but some of that can be chalked up to the company not ready to talk about how the system works just yet. Microsoft will hopefully have more details on these and other issues raised during and after the Xbox One press conference by fans and the media.

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Re: Microsoft's Major Nelson on DRM: We're Listening

Yeah, they're listening, they just don't give a ....!

They'll listen after their sales tank, just like how they ignored their customers warnings about the "start button" in Win 8.  Microsoft only reacts after a problem has been fully created by itself.  

Microsoft is like a blind ship captain who can't see the warning shots across the bow.

Bottom line, I ain't buying, and Major Nelson is a PR shill, he'll say what the puppet masters want him to say.

Re: Microsoft's Major Nelson on DRM: We're Listening

To be fair, has he ever pretended to be anything other than a PR shill?

Re: Microsoft's Major Nelson on DRM: We're Listening

I don't want them to listen. I want them to fix the fucking problem.

Re: Microsoft's Major Nelson on DRM: We're Listening

So, tell me, Nelson, why weren't you listening when people were raising concerns MONTHS before the Xbox One?

Re: Microsoft's Major Nelson on DRM: We're Listening

Probably because nwo they can go "well, too late, it's in"

Re: Microsoft's Major Nelson on DRM: We're Listening

Not much more information is needed TBH.

They intend to block/control used games --- bad move

They're going to try pushing the first step into the always on DRM scheme in order to maintain even greater control over the console (and through it peoples homes since MS wants it to "tie" into everything in your house. privacy concerns ahoy) ---- bad move

Theres not much they can do now except remove these items from the lists and think again, otherwise, damage done and control won't help.

IIRC they almost tried this with Windows (the online requirement) at one point before having to allow phone activation again.

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