Morning Joe Co-Host Inserts Foot in Mouth About Millennials Being Lazy Gamers

Continuing to show just how out of touch he is with reality, Joe Scarborough offered some silly comments about 20-somethings being lazy gamers on the Morning Joe show he co-hosts on MSNBC. His comments were his contribution to what could have been a serious conversation about how women are becoming the primary bread winners in American households and the shifting roles of gender. He did his best to derail the conversation, as usual.

"Men in their twenties, who unfortunately I think are weak, and stay at home, and play video games and are weak, weak, weak and unmarriable! They’re just…there are no good men out there! Other than my son and his friends."

Of course, this shouldn't really hurt the feelings of millennials – instead it should be considered a rite of passage. The elder generations always refer to the newer generations as selfish, self-absorbed, and lazy.

It's their way of saying "Hey I'm old, and soon what I say no longer has an impact on anything of any relevance. Please empty my bedpan."

Source: Kotaku by way of PHX Corp


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