Screw Privacy: English Version of Data Dealer Launches

The English language version of Data Dealer, a Facebook and web game about data privacy, has been released. Developed to teach about the perils and pitfalls of data mining, the 2013 Games for Change Awards nominated game puts players in the shoes of a data mining company that uses various internet services to collect and resell both legally and illegally obtained information. Players do this through social networks, sweepstakes, mobile apps, the web, dating sites and more. Once you have collected that personal information you can then sell it to advertisers, insurance companies, human resources departments or event governmental agencies. The game mixes gameplay about surveillance, personal data and privacy with some witty humor and some mild mockery of the world's biggest online destinations.

You can learn more about the game, and find a link to the Facebook page and web game at If anything, maybe you'll learn a bit about how unsecure your personal information really is.


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