Take-Two Describes Taxing Used Xbox One Games as ‘Punishing Consumers’

Speaking to an audience at the Cowen Technology, Media, and Telecom Conference this week, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick describes Microsoft's plan for a licensing fee on used games as "punishing consumers," and makes it sounds like his company is not in the loop when it comes to getting some of that licensing fee on Xbox One games.

"Our view about used games has been, as opposed to whining or figuring out ways to punish the consumer for buying used games, we've figured out we better delight the consumer," Zelnick told an audience at the Cowen Technology, Media, and Telecom Conference. "Let's push up our quality, which you've seen in our Metacritic scores, and then let's make sure to give people DLC, often free, three or four weeks out – which is the time you're at risk for them trading in their game."

"If you can keep the game in consumer's hands for eight weeks, you almost don't care anymore about used game sales, because it's the first eight weeks that really nail you." He also says that if Microsoft does plan on taxing consumers for used games, his company wants a cut:

"There's no question that if Microsoft has figured out a way to tax used games, then we should get paid, too," Zelnick said. "It's hard to imagine why they should and we shouldn't."

It sure sounds like Take-Two is not in the loop on this whole scheme cooked up by Microsoft. We wonder how many other publishers are in the dark about how Microsoft wants to handle used games…

Source: OXM

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