June is Entertainment Ratings and Labeling Awareness Month

It's June and that means that the Digital Media Association (DiMA), Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA), National Association of Recording Merchandisers (NARM), and National Association of Theatre Owners have banded together once again to declare June to be "Entertainment Ratings and Labeling Awareness Month."

During the month the organizations encourage all movie theaters and retailers of movies, music, and video games to emphasize their various ratings systems (the ESA's ESRB, and the MPAA's film-rating system, and the RIAA's music labeling system) to their customers.

"Entertainment Ratings and Labeling Awareness Month” is sponsored by the four trade associations through the Coalition of Entertainment Retail Trade Associations (CERTA). It is an annual awareness campaign to promote the use of entertainment ratings and labels by encouraging retailers to review their ratings and labeling education and enforcement policies, reemphasizing those policies to their employees, and educating their customers about the movie and video game ratings and music labeling systems and store policies."

You can learn more about CERTA and the various ratings and labeling systems at www.ERLAM.org.


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