No DRM For Used Games Movement Targets PS4, Xbox One

The #PS4NoDRM campaign that bombarded Sony executives with messages on Twitter not to include DRM schemes for used games in the PS4 earlier in the month let us know this morning that they are ramping up for a second and final push of their message on Wednesday, June 5th starting at 8AM EST / 5AM PST/ 1PM GMT.

The movement garnered a lot of attention after the Xbox One press conference earlier in the month where Microsoft revealed that it would charge a fee to activate used games on their console. Fans did not respond well to that news and have been trying ever since to get more details from Microsoft. Sony has not detailed what – if anything – they will do about people using used games on the PS4, but the gaming community is drawing attention to the issue in advance of the company's E3 press conference next week.

You can learn more about those efforts in this NeoGAF thread and on

There's also a movement to let Microsoft know that the community hates its ideas about used games and fees on Xbox One. You can out more on that by checking out the hashtag #XBOXONENoDRM on Twitter or by visiting


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