Poll Results: What E3 Press Event Are You Excited About?

Last week we asked you "Which company’s E3 press event are you most looking forward to?" and a large majority seemed apathetic about the whole thing. 389 votes were cast, with the majority (35 percent, or 137 votes) indicating that they were most interested in Sony's press conference. Twenty-five percent (or 96 votes) indicated that Nintendo's press conference at E3 next week was important, while 20 percent (79) said that you didn't care about any press conferences related to E3.

Around 14 percent were interested in Microsoft's press conference, two percent were looking forward to EA's press conference, and four percent were looking forward to Ubisoft's offering.

Andrew Eisen expresses his disbelief in the fact that 20 percent of you don't seem to care in Episode 54 of the SuperPAC. He and EZK also tell us what they'd like to see each company do during their respective E3 press conferences.

Look for a new poll later this week.

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