Double Fine’s Massive Chalice Hits Funding Goal

Double Fine's latest Kickstarter campaign, Massive Chalice has been fully funded. The developer was seeking $725,000 for the new fantasy-themed strategy game. after less than a week of going live the Kickstarter has managed to raise $743,919 from 20,264 backers with 23 more days to go. Obviously you can expect to see some stretch goals popping up very soon so that they can continue to raise funds for the development of the game.

While the trajectory of Massive Chalice is looking good, we're not sure if it can reach the heights that Broken Age did when its Kickstarter ended. That game raised $3,336,371 by the time it closed.

In case you didn't know, Massive Chalice is a tactical fantasy strategy game for PC (Windows, Linux, and Mac) from the creators of Psychonauts, Brütal Legend, and Iron Brigade. The project is being headed up by Brad Muir, who created the excellent Iron Brigade. The game will be built using Double Fine's Buddha Engine, which is the same technology used to create The Cave, Stacking, Costume Quest, Iron Brigade and Brütal Legend.

Massive Chalice is a single player turn-based strategy game that uses a multi-generational strategy campaign allowing players to foster and grow heroes and their heirs to fight a lengthy campaign for centuries against an immortal demonic force. Players control small squads of these units much like they would in Final Fantasy Tactics or X-Com. The game also features a strategy building layer where players manage their kingdom, arrange royal marriages, conduct research, and more. Fostering a long line of heroes seems to be a focal point of the gameplay.

The game is set for release in September of 2014.

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